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At NBGA, we understand that proper benefit selection and enrollment is all about communicating effectively. We have a proven history of technology expertise having successfully enrolled on nearly every major enrollment/HRIS platform on the market today. If you are happy with your current enrollment technology, then we can use it. If not, we will recommend a technology platform to provide you with a robust system that will best fit your current requirements.

Keeping your private data private is one of NBGA’s main concerns. NBGA provides complete data integrity and privacy through our industry proven enrollment methodology and our secure online document center.

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NBGA Technology Programs…

    We will take your benefit plans and work with you and the carriers to build the platform out correctly. We consider all aspects of eligibility, age banding, rates, locations, and class distinctions. At the end of the enrollment period, we will provide you with a report of elections, typically formatted for easy import or entry into their payroll/HRIS system. We will also provide the insurance carriers with a one-time enrollment file of all employee elections. There is never a charge for annual enrollment-only technology build-outs.


    If your organization has approximately 25 new hires per month, NBGA can provide counselor-assisted enrollment via our Call Center. We help employees understand the details of each policy, make educated choices and accurate enrollment. Learn more

    The platforms we create have the capability of remaining open throughout the year and can handle new hire enrollments, life event changes, and EDI feeds to carriers for ongoing enrollment reporting. There is generally a nominal PEPM (per employee per month) fee in order for us to leave the system open year round. If left open, the system is typically available for new hires to use for self-service enrollment when they become eligible to participate.
    We also provide consulting services for clients and brokers who are looking to move to a new platform. NBGA will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of one platform over another and will help to identify a solution that is right for your specific need.

Because each of the platforms we build on will have their own strengths, we will always evaluate your end goals and carrier selections before making any recommendations. We build on Employee Navigator, Selerix, and Common Census. All of our platforms have the option of a la carte pricing for additional functionality for ACA reporting and HR compliance.