Enrollment & Communication


Benefit Enrollment Services

NBGA communicates and enrolls benefits electronically by combining the latest software technology with a one-on-one benefit presentation. We assist employees in making their benefit selections by providing them with an explanation of each benefit and the appropriate rates. Each benefit-eligible employee will have the opportunity to meet with a benefits counselor for a one-on-one enrollment session. By meeting face-to-face with our benefit counselors, employees receive a better understanding of their existing benefits and available choices.

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Face to Face Enrollment Support

Using NBGA’s face-to-face process to enroll your entire benefits package can alleviate the difficult and time-consuming tasks Human Resources faces year after year:

  • In-service meetings to explain benefits
  • Distributing the numerous enrollment applications/forms
  • Answering employee questions/assisting in completion of forms
  • Collection of all forms and chasing down missing information

Our benefits counselors take care of all of these tasks! The obvious benefit to the client is the time, energy, and money that will be saved by using our laptop enrollment process.

Telephonic, Online, and Ongoing New Hire Enrollment Support

We conduct benefit enrollment sessions by telephone through our Benefits Center. Employees speak directly with a licensed, professional Benefit Coach who will review the available benefits, answer questions, walk them through the benefits election process, and confirm the employee’s benefit choices with our voice-stamping technology. Through our Benefits Center employers have the additional option of offering an online, self-service enrollment solution for their employees – we can support online enrollment with Benefit Coaches available to provide employees co-browsing support if needed. NBGA also has the capability to enroll your new hires on a monthly basis. We will work with you to develop a consistent, efficient process to make on-boarding new employees easy. We can educate and enroll employees on both core and voluntary benefits via the Benefits Center, online enrollment or during ongoing new hire enrollment.

Data Update and Verification

During the enrollment process, we review all of the employee’s personal information that is provided to us. We will update addresses, phone numbers, dependent information, beneficiaries, etc, during the enrollment. At the end of the enrollment we will provide back to the client an updated record for each employee. This ensures that there is a complete and accurate personal information file for each employee.

Periodic Review and Service

We believe that when you put your trust in NBGA for your employee benefit plans, we must earn your continued trust by staying current on pending legislation or economic events through constant research and review. In this way we will help ensure that your benefits remain competitive so they continue to meet your management philosophy and objectives.


NBGA offers concise and effective benefit communication services to employers and their employees through our state of the art electronic enrollment process.

Benefits Communication Campaigns

One of the most critical components of a successful enrollment is the way information is relayed to employees. It impacts everything – from their attendance during the enrollment to the understanding of their benefits. NBGA can tailor a communication strategy to meet our clients’ business needs by providing a wide range of communication services including posters, announcement letters, emails, needs analysis brochures, benefit statements, and benefit enrollment guides. Clear communication is the best way to educate employees on the full value of their benefits package.
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Professional Enrollment Team

The key to any successful organization is the people that make it happen. Our experienced team of account managers, case managers, and licensed benefit counselors and are true industry professionals who act as a valuable extension of a broker’s benefits team or a client’s Benefits/Human Resources department. Our account managers set up, schedule, and manage the enrollment process, and our Case Managers will be on site with the benefit counselors during the entire enrollment. The primary goal of our counselors and account managers is that employees receive a consistent, positive message about their benefit plans. Our benefit counselors and case managers are not commissioned, but are paid on a salaried basis. We educate employees using a professional yet simple approach to benefit communications. We want to be sure employees understand their benefits, and will spend as much time as needed in a one-on-one environment.