Enrollment Guide

The overall objective of the Benefit Enrollment Guide is to create a tool that provides information (not just data) to the employee during the open enrollment period and throughout the plan year.
Each book assists the employee with the following:

  • Concise plan information for each available benefit
  • Overview of plan designs, which will provide answers to the majority of repetitive benefit questions
  • Clearly provides employee and dependent eligibility rules for each plan
  • Telephone numbers and Web addresses for your insurance vendors/brokers, thereby enabling the employee to access the carriers for service-related issues
  • Plan cost information that makes it easy for employees to calculate their payroll deduction costs based on their benefit selections

From a corporate perspective, the Benefit Enrollment Guide creates a multiple function administrative tool in the following ways:

  • Corporate image building, as your employees see the overall plan cost in comparison to their payroll deductions and better understands that the benefits are an important part of overall compensation
  • Can be used for new hire orientation and employee recruiting (what do you give a prospective employee now when they ask about your benefit plan and retirement programs?)
  • A single source guide that will answer the vast majority of your benefit plan questions from employees, therefore reducing inbound repetitive benefit questions in the HR or benefits office
  • A learning tool to accelerate employee “self service” – i.e. when an employee calls the benefit office for assistance, they can be reminded that the information is in the Benefit Enrollment Guides.