Dependent Audits

NBGA has special relationships with several companies that focus on dependent audits. We can help you eliminate ineligible dependents on your medical, dental, and vision plans, helping stabilize healthcare costs. Other benefits of dependent audits include:

  • Helping employers maintain compliance with ERISA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.
  • Helps eliminate denied claims on ineligible dependents by stop-loss carriers
  • Dependent audits can result in huge savings for self-funded and fully-insured medical plans 

Why Human Resources / Benefits struggle with Dependent Audits:

  • Lack of disclosure by the employee
  • The ease of adding dependents to a plan – the system is vulnerable to fraud
  • Time constraints on checking and verifying all dependents
  • Little or no monitoring of divorce, adoption, ineligible step-children, over-age students, etc. 

Our dependent eligibility audits take the laborious and time-consuming process off of HR / Benefits and engage specialists in the dependent verification field. There is little or no up-front cost to the employer, depending on the specifics of the group.

To learn more about Dependent Eligibility Audits, please contact us!